Access Anywhere

Monitor and manage your cloud services anywhere with our  
web portal, mobile app, and API.

Quick and Easy Setup

Quickly spin up new virtual machines or services in minutes
with our easy-to-use platform.

Developer-Friendly API

With Epic’s developer-friendly API, you have full access to our entire suite of digital products. With our API, you can manage resources within your cloud environment in a simple programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests in a RESTful manner. The endpoints are intuitive and powerful, allowing you to make calls to retrieve information or execute actions with ease.

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Fully Redundant

Utilize our fully redundant hypervisors, storage, power, and ISPs.

Expert Support

24/7 support provided by our experienced network architects and engineers.

Domain Management

Host your domains and manage your DNS records, ARecords, and more.

Traffic Management

Load balancing, firewall management, failover services - we’ve got you covered.

Reporting, Monitoring, and Alerts

Monitor and set custom alerts for uptime, memory, CPU, heartbeat and volume usage. Define users to be notified for each alert by push notifications, e-mails, or text alerts. Our reporting provides a central location for viewing the health information of each server in your network. Keep an eye on each server status, view a list of all offline servers, and utilize a US radar for easy monitoring of natural events. 

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